NWC Clean-Up Efforts

Northwest Commission workers clean up part of McClintock Trail

The staff at the Venango County branch of the Northwest Commission spent Friday conducting a clean-up day on the 1.7 mile portion of the McClintock Trail that the commission is

responsible for.

The commission adopted that portion of the trail in 2015 and has tried to host a clean-up day for the staff once a year since then. 

The volunteers spent a few hours Friday looking for trash, leaves cluttered on the trail, weeds or leaves attached to trees that were hanging over the trail. 

The clean-up work didn't stop on the walkway of the trail though as the commission employees also went behind the wooden fences an the bridge to pick up some more garbage.

As bikers and walks passed by, they commented about how the crew was doing a "fantastic" job and also thanked them for the work they were doing.

-By Makayla Keating (Derrick and News Herald)