ARC Grant Match Requirements

ARC expects grantees to contribute matching resources to their projects while adhering to ARC guidelines for their funding match. The required funding match is determined by the ARC and is based off of the economic situation of the county that the project is located in. The funding matches for the counties covered by the Northwest Commission are as follows:

  • Clarion – Transitional – 50%
  • Crawford– Transitional – 50%
  • Erie– Transitional – 50%
  • Forest – Distressed – 20%
  • Lawrence– Transitional – 50%
  • Mercer– Transitional – 50%
  • Venango– Transitional – 50%
  • Warren– Transitional – 50%

For more information on how county status is determined please visit

To determine project eligibility and inclusion in the region's project packages, potential applicants should contact:

Dr. Tammy Dulaney
EDA/ARC Program Manager
814-677-4800 x 118